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Nokia Belle update ready for download on February 8th?

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Nokia Belle will be available for download from February 8th, according to the company's Vietnamese Website

Nokia Belle
Nokia Belle

Even in the midst of a big push to bring its Windows Phone 7 devices to the USA, Nokia hasn't forgotten its Symbian roots. It seems that "Belle," the company's update to Symbian Anna, will be available from February 8th, which is in line with its previous estimate of February. The news came this weekend via Nokia's Vietnamese website, although the page has since been taken offline. The update is apparently unsuitable for OTA download due to its large size, and so will be available through Nokia Suite on the PC, to be pushed to devices via USB.

Nokia has also revealed via Twitter that the N8, C7, and other devices are now shipping with Belle preinstalled in some regions. The new software will offer six homsecreens, enhanced widgets and a new status bar, and other improvements. If that's just what you've been waiting for, make sure you dig out your old data cable before next Wednesday. However many improvements the update brings, it's still a case of too little, too late, after last week's news that the company will fall short of its goal to ship 150 million Symbian devices in the years ahead.