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Phoenix Wright iOS HD remasters coming soon, Ace Attorney 5 confirmed

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Capcom has announced Ace Attorney 5, without giving any indication as to platform or release date. The company also revealed an iOS compilation of the first three Ace Attorney games, to be released soon.

ace attorney
ace attorney

Good news today for fans of manga-style courtroom drama, as Capcom has made two Ace Attorney-related announcements at an event to commemorate the series' 10th anniversary. The first is confirmation of the next mainline game in the series, called Gyakuten Saiban 5 in Japanese — and that's it, with no hint of what platform it will be released on, when it will come out, or even who the main character will be. With the Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney crossover title for 3DS still missing in action, we might be waiting a while.

Closer on the horizon is Ace Attorney 123 HD Phoenix Wright Collection for iOS, which compiles the first three games in the series with redrawn art for iPhone and iPad. The first game was already available as a straight DS port, but this looks to be a much more comprehensive treatment. The app will be free, including the first two chapters of the original game (probably an hour or two's worth of play), with the remainder and games two and three going for ¥600 each, which translates to $6.99 on the US app store. It'll be out "soon" in Japan, and we'd hope for a US release at or close to the same time. An Android version is also planned for some point in the future.