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MSN Visualizer mixes music and Flickr images in a mesmerizing HTML5 display

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MSN has launched the Visualizer, a music showcase which uses song lyrics as keywords to grab photos from Flickr and illustrate the playing track.

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MSN has released the Visualizer, a music showcase developed by Swiss design house Hinderling Volkart which uses Flickr and song lyrics to create randomized music videos for a selection of tracks. The lyrics are laid out word-by-word in time with the music, with each word assigned an image that's grabbed from Flickr based on a keyword search. The overall effect is reminiscent of the Metro UI, with each word segregated into its own tile, and the window automatically scrolling down to each new page of lyrics. The image selection is totally random, meaning that each time you load a song you'll get a completely different visualization which could potentially offer a different mood to the track.

The Visualizer is currently showcasing tracks from the Ninja Tune label, meaning you can try it out with music from Bonobo, The Qemists, and Jono McCleery amongst others. There's also a feature which allows you to set up your own message which the site will add to music, though we couldn't quite get this to work. There are a couple of downsides: there's no way for you to save or embed a particular set of images, and there's no full-screen playback mode. We've seen other apps grab images on-the-fly based on keywords, but there's something particularly hypnotic about this one — we look forward to seeing what other artists get given the treatment in future.