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The FCC wants your feedback on LightSquared's GPS woes

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As a result of a LightSquared inquiry, the Federal Communications Commission has asked for public opinion on whether the government should play a role in protecting against GPS interference.

LightSquared ad
LightSquared ad

With mounting evidence that its proposed use of spectrum would have a detrimental impact on GPS reliability, LightSquared seems to be hedging its 4G hopes on the argument that affected devices don't warrant interference protection from the US government. Now the FCC is asking for public opinion on the matter, a development which would seem to indicate that LightSquared's plans aren't doomed just yet. Indeed, in an email statement to Bloomberg, executive vice president Jeff Carlisle says his company is "extremely pleased" with the news. Your feedback is welcome at any time between now and February 27th; responses will then be collected until March 13th.

Even if LightSquared makes a fair point in accusing GPS makers of unjustly relying on its spectrum, it's tough to envision a path forward for the company's ambitions — particularly when numerous reports (including flight system concerns from the FAA) have demonstrated legitimate real-world interference. We wouldn't be surprised to see the FCC err on the side of caution here. Still, if you're willing to fight for the cause of wholesale LTE, hit the source link below.