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Samsung Galaxy Note coming to AT&T on February 19th for $299.99

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Samsung's Galaxy Note will be available on AT&T starting February 19th for $299.99 on contract.

Galaxy Note for AT&T
Galaxy Note for AT&T

Announced a few weeks ago at CES, Samsung and AT&T have just revealed that the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note will be available on February 19th in your choice of carbon blue and ceramic white. Pre-orders for the device will kick off on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th, and AT&T's promising that all pre-orders processed by the 15th will arrive in customers' homes in time for launch day. Pricing runs $299.99 on a new two-year agreement, in line with what carriers have been charging for top-tier smartphones lately — and with LTE and a giant high-res display, the Note probably falls into that category.