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Google launching official Android Developers page on Google+

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Google has announced that its Android Developers site will be establishing a permanent presence on Google+.

Android Developers Google+ Hangout
Android Developers Google+ Hangout

Google's showing a lot of love for Google+ lately (some have argued too much), and the trend continues today with the news that Android Developers will be establishing a permanent presence on the network. Android Developers is Android's official home base and user community for app development, and Google+ certainly makes a lot of sense from the "community" perspective: Android developer relations tech lead Reto Meier notes that it'll "focus on being a place for the people behind the Android developer experience, and Android developers all around the world, to meet and discuss the latest in Android app development. Perhaps the biggest thrust of the announcement is that the company will be hosting weekly "office hours" in Google+ Hangouts to answer devs' questions at 2PM PT every Wednesday; Meier says we can expect more Hangout sessions in the future so other time zones around the globe can get involved.