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Brian Hernacki, webOS chief architect, leaves HP

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HP's Brian Hernacki — chief architect for webOS — has left the company, The Verge has learned.

HP logo 900
HP logo 900

The Verge has learned that HP's Brian Hernacki, who most recently has served as chief architect for webOS, has left the company. Though he'd never been a public face of the product the same way big names like Jon Rubinstein or Matias Duarte had been, Hernacki's departure seems to leave another relatively high-profile talent hole in the ranks at a critical time when HP hopes to make the transition to Open webOS over the coming months.

Hernacki had been with Palm since 2009, coming from Symantec where he'd served as a researcher for the better part of the last decade. It's unclear how (or if) HP will look to directly fill the role — it's possible that this is part of a larger restructuring in the transition to open source. We'll keep you updated as we hear more.