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ThinkPad Tablet Android 4.0 update slated for Q2 of this year

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Lenovo is allegedly planning to release an Android 4.0 update for its ThinkPad Tablet in Q2 of this year

ThinkPad Tablet-VERGE watermark
ThinkPad Tablet-VERGE watermark

Lenovo is planning to release an Android 4.0 update for its enterprise-geared ThinkPad Tablet in the second quarter of this year. That's the word from PCWorld, which unfortunately wasn't able to nail down a more specific ETA. Still, if the numerous improvements Ice Cream Sandwich brought to Asus's Transformer Prime are any indication, it should be a worthwhile wait for owners of the Lenovo device — which just saw a 3G-enabled hardware revision back in November. By the same token, we would hope that some extra time in the oven will help prevent update hiccups experienced by many Transformer Prime users from making their way to the ThinkPad Tablet.

Sadly, we already know Lenovo will have had to forgo one Ice Cream Sandwich feature in the update process: without built-in NFC support, Android Beam is a no-go. That's not to say there aren't other options: in lieu of beaming, you can always use the digitizer pen bundled with select models (and sold separately) to jot down info.