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The 4Sevens XM18 spits out 15,000 lumens of battery-powered LED light

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4Sevens has released the XM18, a 15,000 lumen portable battery-powered LED light.

4Sevens XM18 15,000 lumen light
4Sevens XM18 15,000 lumen light

At the 2011 Shot trade show in Las Vegas, lighting company 4Sevens showed off a prototype of a new high-powered LED light source. This year they brought the shipping product: the XM18, an LED light capable of emitting a whopping 15,000 lumens. 32 lithium cells power the array of 18 lighting elements, wrapped in a weather-resistant custom housing — complete with a fan. This kind of brightness isn't something to be trifled with, which is reflected in the design: there's a kill switch specifically built into the housing that warns you with a beep every time the device is powered on. If for some reason 15,000 lumens just isn't enough for you, fret not; the light's also modular, so you can bolt multiple models together for an even higher output. The XM18 is available only as a special order, but if you don't mind waiting the four to six weeks of lead time, you can get your order in now for $2,499.