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Micah Ganske creates open-source sculptures for MakerBot 3D printer

Artist Micah Ganke has uploaded three of his sculptures onto open-source 3D-model repository Thingiverse


Micah Ganske is the latest artist to contribute open-source sculptures to the Thingiverse for free replication via Makerbot's 3D printer. The result of a collaboration with MakerBot, the works are 3D landscapes of locations from the artist's "Tomorrow Land" paintings, with cutouts that represent "the technological optimism of the 1960s," such a silhouette of Captain Kirk. Having been displayed at the Affordable Art Fair and New York's RH Gallery, the artist is now "open-sourcing" the works.

The pieces join a series of artworks that have been submitted to Thingiverse via MakerBot's artist-in-residence program, which the company hopes will inspire other artists to create original works for the platform. The program was kicked off by Marius Watz last February, whose works have been downloaded hundreds of times. If you're interested in printing either of the artist's works yourself, you can find the models via their Thingiverse pages in the sources below.