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Timeline Movie Maker turns your Facebook profile into a cinematic classic

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A new Facebook app named Timeline Movie Maker allows you to create a 60-second movie based all around the new-styled profile.

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Facebook's new Timeline layout might have polarized opinion, but its life-profiling design has inspired an impressive app which cooks up a 60-second movie based on your presence on the social network. The Timeline Movie Maker takes your photos, status updates and other activity to create a 60-second video chronicling your activity on the site. The finished product's reminiscent of a mix between Intel's Museum of Me and the Take This Lollipop viral video which surfaced aorund halloween last year, placing your content into a pre-rendered movie. The overall effect is slick — we particularly like the changing job animation — and you're able to swap out some of the more embarrassing or irrelevant photos as well as change the music before you share it with the world.

Unfortunately, there's no way for you to save your finished video, or even share it outside of Facebook. However, if you're the kind of person who's already got business cards styled like your profile, then your Timeline's incomplete without it.