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    Paris Metro cards moving to phone-compatible NFC system

    Paris Metro cards moving to phone-compatible NFC system


    A redesign of the Paris Metro Navigo cards will include a move to a different standard of near-field communication. This change will allow users to fill up cards by tapping a mobile phone, and may open the door to using the phone itself as a transit pass.

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    Starting in 2013, the Paris Metro's new generation of Navigo transit cards may let you refill them by phone. Along with a new visual design, the cards will be moving to a new, phone-compatible system of near-field communication or NFC. This doesn't mean your phone will be able to double as a pass any time soon, but STIF, which manages the Metro, plans to let people refill cards by tapping them against an NFC-enabled phone. Although it's not in any current plans, this move could also open the door to using phones themselves as Metro passes.

    Currently, Navigo cards are based on the NFC protocol B', which is not widely used. New cards will use the more common protocol B instead, making it possible to broaden their applications. The cards will be put into use on January 1, 2013, though STIF notes that older Navigo passes will still work for some time.