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HTC Ville appears on video ahead of possible MWC debut

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The rumored HTC Ville has appeared on video today, showing an ultra-thin device that resembles the Sensation from the front.

HTC Ville leak
HTC Ville leak

One of the more hotly-anticipated Android announcements of early 2012 may be the HTC Ville, an alleged 4.3-inch dual-core handset with a metal body that looks a bit like a Sensation from the front; turn it to the side, though, and you realize that it's much thinner (under 8mm, according to rumors). Until now, we'd only seen renders, but today a leak out of France shows a Ville prototype being put through its paces on Sense 4.0 over roughly three minutes of video, and it looks legitimate enough to basically confirm that this phone is real. HTC Hub points out that despite the seemingly high-end specs and appearance, this device is essentially being lined up as a midrange unit — the flagship title will likely go to the Edge, said to have a quad-core processor and 4.7-inch 720p display. Want to see more? You may have to wait until the end of February, where the Ville seems lined up for a debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona; we'll be there to bring it to you live.