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BlackBerry 10 powered 'London' appears on leaked slide

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An updated image has leaked of what CrackBerry claims to be the BlackBerry London, one of RIM's first BlackBerry 10 phones.

BlackBerry London (CrackBerry)
BlackBerry London (CrackBerry)

CrackBerry has obtained an image of what it claims to be the BlackBerry London, a device with quite a history in RIM's R&D department — it goes back to an image we obtained at The Verge back in November of last year, the first time we'd allegedly seen BlackBerry 10 (still known as BBX at the time) running on a prototype device. Clearly, the industrial design has changed, lending credence to our belief at the time that we'd been looking at a Porsche Design-influenced model that could be destined for markets other than the US and Canada.

The updated device — assuming the ID is now close to final — takes on a far more staid appearance that mirrors what we've seen with countless Android slabs over the last 18 months. RIM is said to be looking both at TI and Qualcomm options for the 1.5GHz dual-core processor; naturally, it'll launch on BlackBerry 10, which means we can't expect it on shelves until late this year per RIM's latest guidance. RIM's slide deck calls it "elegant, understated, precise, solid," and "slim," but is that enough to put Waterloo back on top? Time will tell, and so will newly-appointed CEO Thorsten Heins.