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Animate webpage elements with Scrollorama jQuery plugin

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Web Developer John Polacek has created a jQuery plugin that makes webpage elements respond to scrolling with animation.


Web development has surely evolved over the years — Flash has fallen out of flavor and been replaced by techniques that take advantage of native web browser capabilities using tools like CSS and jQuery. That progression has paved the way for the creation of some pretty neat things, including a new tool from web developer John Polacek called Scrollorama. This jQuery plugin will take just about any HTML element (pictures, video, text) within a webpage and animate it in conjunction with scrolling. Animations include fading in, flying in, rotating and zooming, to name a few. If you'd like to tinker with a demo to see what we mean, hit the source link below and simply scroll down. And if you're a developer, feel free to download the plugin (also at the source link) and start creating slick animations right now.