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400,000 apps now available in Android Market

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The Android Market has reached the milestone of over 400,000 apps available for download. The recent growth outpaces that of Apple's App Store, largely down to a rise in popularity of freemium apps.

marketplace app store
marketplace app store

The Android Market now has over 400,000 apps available in the store, largely driven by an increase in free software. Google's Market is catching up fast to Apple's App Store, which has over 500,000 apps but appears to have comparatively slowed in growth. While Google's overall life-to-date growth rate is slower, it's taken less time to reach the 400,000 milestone from 300,000 (and 300,000 from 200,000), indicating more recent momentum.

The Android Market is now the largest store in the world for free apps, with 68 percent of its titles going for nothing upfront, and 65 percent of the store's revenue being generated by a freemium model. In contrast, less than half of Apple's App Store revenue comes from free apps. The next big gap for Google to close will be in total income, as Apple collects around four times as much from its App Store as Google does from the Market — and that's before you even factor in the iPad.