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Soundfreaq announces Sound Kick mobile Bluetooth speaker

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Soundfreaq has announced the Sound Kick, a compact Bluetooth speaker with a foldaway compartment which is designed to improve the acoustics of the cabinet.

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via dl.dropbox.com

Soundfreaq has announced a new portable speaker named the Sound Kick, the baby brother to its well-received Sound Step Recharge speaker. As part of the slimming process the Sound Kick has shed the Apple dock connector, relying instead on Bluetooth, but it does have an ace up its sleeve: despite being around the same size as the Jawbone JamBox, the Sound Kick has an expandable chamber built into the rear of the device. This acts as a larger speaker cabinet, which folds away so that the unit is just 1.6-inches thick for easy transportation.

Larger cabinets mean that speakers are capable of producing far lower frequencies, which should give the Sound Kick an audible advantage over other small docks. As well as this acoustic wizardry, the Sound Kick packs in a rechargeable battery that can power the speaker for seven hours, and can also be used to charge up your phone or music player if you don't mind taking a knock on playback time. Some of the specifications you'd expect to see from a speaker haven't been released yet — there's no detail on the drivers used or the power output, for example — but it's set to be officially launched at CES next week, alongside new versions of the Sound Step Recharge in red and white.