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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc successor teased for CES

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Sony Ericsson has released photos teasing what appears to be a successor to the Xperia Arc. The phone is hinted to be revealed at CES 2012.

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Sony Ericsson has just posted pictures of what appears to be a successor to the Xperia Arc. An update on Facebook shows a camera key very similar to the Arc's, a squared-off Micro-HDMI port, an HD camera, and an Android icon. No details were given, but a caption reads "just a few more days until we can reveal some interesting news," hinting that we'll be seeing the phone at CES.

Currently, two phones might meet the bill for this teaser. The first, the 4.3-inch Nozomi or LT26i, was leaked in November, with more information coming to light last month. A close look at one of the leaked Nozomi photos shows it with a covered HDMI port, however, and the camera key doesn't look like the one above. Another phone, the LT28at, is described as an Xperia "super phone" supporting both LTE and HSPA, and is rumored to have a larger display and camera than the Nozomi. We've speculated before that either one could make a showing at the convention, although based on these pictures, the next Xperia Arc is looking closer to the LT28at than the Nozomi.

Update: As a reader pointed out, the phone pictures are pretty much identical to those of the current Arc, suggesting that it's probably just a placeholder for a later announcement. Hopefully we'll have some real images for you all come next week.