An introduction



My name’s Chris Plante. I am one of the many new members of Vox Media's gaming branch.

A year ago, I left my role as Games Editor at to test out the freelance lifestyle. I had visions of working from my front porch in pajamas, taking long vacations, and spending more time with my then fiancée. Surprisingly, reality came awfully close. It was the best year of my life.

So why, you ask, go full-time at a startup that will no doubt consume me like Godzilla consumes a fisherman? Because I am sold on the future of Vox.

Sure, I have to wear grown-up clothes again, but in return I get the opportunity to join a company that is truly forward looking, who believes in smart editorial and elegant design. A company with the ability and urge to rapidly make ideas into realities, and that isn’t limited to traditional editorial templates.

I know, I know, this all sounds a bit big and vague. But we can’t show all of our cards yet. We wouldn’t have any surprises.

Over the past year, I had the pleasure of writing for some of the finest editors and outlets, including The Daily, EDGE, The Escapist and New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog. I am overjoyed that my streak continues. To work alongside so many talented journalists and critics is thrilling and humbling. For me, this is an opportunity to learn.

I will miss freelance, but as a recently married man, I now know the joys of commitment. I have security and unflagging support. I believe everyone at Vox, from my games colleagues to The Verge to SBNation to the CEO, will provide those two things. We are a team, and we are prepared to accomplish great things. I hope you will join us. I would like you to be part of this.