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Good Deal: Galaxy Nexus (GSM) 16GB unlocked for $559.99

Good Deal: Galaxy Nexus (GSM) 16GB unlocked for $559.99


Daily Steals is selling the GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $559.99 in a 12-hour only deal.

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If you've been deliberating over whether to grab a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, now might be the time. Daily Steals is offering the 16GB GSM version for $559.99 without any commitment, saving 25 percent off the list price. The Galaxy Nexus is Google's latest and greatest handset, runs Android 4.0, and will be the first to receive any future updates to the operating system. The GSM version is currently the only way to get Google Wallet baked into your phone, as Verizon has disabled the NFC payment functionality within its LTE model.

We were very impressed by the Galaxy Nexus when we reviewed it last month, with the improvements to the software making it a huge step forward for Android. Buying handset-only like this is also the only way you'll be able to get the phone on T-Mobile for now, too. So if you're a commitment-phobe who has to have the newest of everything, you've got just over nine hours to buy.