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Razer teases 'PC gaming on an all-new form factor,' Project Fiona announcement on January 10th

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Razer has just posted a video to the promo site that promises to bring "PC gaming on an all-new form factor" to CES next week.

Razer Switchblade official promo
Razer Switchblade official promo

Razer's upcoming (and delayed) Blade gaming laptop isn't the only new hardware it'll be showing off this winter — the company has just posted a video entitled "Project Fiona" to the promo site that promises "PC gaming on an all-new form factor." If we had to guess, we'd say the company is planning on reviving Razer Switchblade we saw last year at CES that never ended up being released.

The big reveal is set for January 10th, and while there's footage of games like Assassin's Creed: Revelations and Firefall, there's no hint of what this new form factor will look like. The video, which is cut from the same cloth as Verizon's Droid campaigns, starts by poking fun at the Apple aesthetic — black text on a white background tells us this product isn't "simple, delightful, or magical" before the heavy metal soundtrack and game footage kicks in. If the Switchblade is in fact what Razer's showing off, we'll find out what makes it all-new next week.