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Ice Cream Sandwich on .6 percent of Android devices, Galaxy Nexus sales estimated at 707,700

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Google has released the first analytics on Ice Cream Sandwich adoption, indicating that Android 4.0 is now installed on .06 percent of all Android devices — with approximately 700,000 Galaxy Nexus phones sold to date.

galaxy nexus ics
galaxy nexus ics

Android 4.0 debuted commercially with the Galaxy Nexus last November, and now Google has released the first analytics on Ice Cream Sandwich's adoption. According to the Android Developers site, versions 4.0 through 4.0.2 are now installed on .3 percent of all active Android devices, while version 4.0.3 — which started rolling out to GSM Nexus S phones last month — accounts for another .3 percent. The number is obviously dwarfed by the 55.5 percent of Android devices running some variant of Gingerbread, but what else do the figures tell us, particularly about Galaxy Nexus sales?

Google announced in November that 200 million Android devices had been activated to date, and using Andy Rubin's 700,000 per day activation average and his holiday weekend sales figures, we arrive at approximately 236 million activated Android devices. With versions 4.0 through 4.0.2 of the OS available only on the Galaxy Nexus, we have a rough estimate of 707,700 units of the new device sold thus far. While this wouldn't make the new Nexus as successful as the Galaxy Note, it's not a bad start for Google's latest flagship — but of course, we'll have to wait until Samsung or Google release official numbers to know for sure.

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