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Apple's iMac accounts for a third of all-in-ones sold last year

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Research firm DisplaySearch has estimated that Apple's iMac range accounted for 33 percent of all-in-ones sold worldwide in 2011.

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Apple was the biggest seller of all-in-one PCs last year, with its iMac line making up 32.9 percent of the all-in-ones sold worldwide, according to estimates by DisplaySearch published in Bloomberg. The company suggests that the market overall grew by 39 percent to 14.5 million units, with Lenovo seeing success with the form factor in China to gain 22.7 percent of the global market and the number two spot, and HP taking third place with 21.4 percent.

While some might feel that 33 percent of the all-in-one market feels like a low estimate for Apple, it's a far higher proportion than its share of the computer industry in general and suggests that Windows PC manufacturers haven't embraced the form factor as successfully with their efforts. Chris Connery, the analyst behind the research, said that the market has the potential to reach 23.3 million units by 2014 — dramatic growth that we're sure other manufacturers will want to capitalize upon.