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Time Warner Cable starts HBO Go and MAX Go beta for SignatureHome customers only

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Time Warner Cable is offering a beta of HBO Go and MAX Go — but it's only available to SignatureHome customers. During beta, it's only avilable for PCs and Macs, with support for mobile devices coming later.


Time Warner Cable promised its customers HBO Go by the middle of January, and the company is sticking to its self-imposed deadline — sort of. Starting today, HBO Go and MAX Go are available in beta form for TWC subscribers that also have HBO or Cinemax packages, as well as the company's SignatureHome service for personalized customer support. During the beta period, use is limited to PCs and Macs, with support coming for mobile devices (iOS and Android) once the authentication systems are verified and the kinks are worked out. The company promises that it's "working very hard" to keep the beta as brief as possible, so hopefully all subscribers will invited soon. Your move, Cablevision.