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Comcast streaming live ABC, Disney, ESPN channels online, at home or on-the-go

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Comcast customers will gain access to Disney channels on and its iPad app. Both live and on-demand content will be available, working inside and outside the home.

Comcast XfinityTV App
Comcast XfinityTV App

Disney and Comcast have entered a new 10-year agreement that will allow its TV customers to watch content from Disney's networks online through its website or iPad app. The deal includes over 70 channels of live and on-demand content, including ABC, ABC Family, Disney Channel, ESPN, and will work either inside or outside the home. In addition to on-demand access to Disney's library, Comcast users will also be able to use Disney's own applications such as WatchESPN for iPad. GigaOm reports that Comcast will help facilitate distribution of new mobile apps from Disney (including WatchDisneyChannel and WatchDisneyJunior) in return. This development comes just a few short months after Disney signed a movie rental deal with YouTube, and is no doubt a big win for Comcast customers that prefer to consume content online.