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Raspberry Pi computers fetch high prices at charity auction

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Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny yet powerful computer that's expected to retail for just $25-35, but bidders on eBay are offering up mountains of cash for the devices — the foundation is auctioning off ten pre-production units to raise money for its own charity, and it says it will use the funds to deliver the computers to schools. So far, bids on one unit have reached £2,100 (about $3,278), and each of the ten auctions have already exceeded the foundation's expectations by clearing at least £500 (about $780).

While the foundation says the devices are for educational use, the specs won't just appeal to novices — inside the Raspberry Pi is a 700MHz ARM processor, 128MB or 256MB RAM depending on configuration, HDMI and RCA video outputs, and SD card storage. With those internals, the credit card-sized rig supports 1080p video and 3D graphics, and can be plugged into a TV and keyboard.

If you've got deep pockets and an appreciation for the foundation's work, you can go check out the auction listings on eBay, while those of us with a smaller piece of the pie wait for the $25 edition that's due sometime this month.