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Logitech Cube is a tiny touch-sensitive presentation mouse, available in January for $69.99 (update)

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Logitech's Cube mouse is tiny, and you'll find it in January for $69.99

Logitech Cube
Logitech Cube

Have you ever thought your portable mouse was a little too large, or perhaps shaped a little too much like the inside of your hand? We can't say we have, but Logitech's got a new peripheral for those who want a tiny, stylish tool to move their mouse cursor and flip through presentations. It's called the Cube, and though it looks a bit more like a rectangular prism, it's an honest-to-goodness laser mouse with touch sensors on top for scrolling and advancing PowerPoint presentations. According to the website, it detects when it's being held in the air and switches into presenter mode. We don't have any specs on the sensor or battery life, but the device has an internal battery you'll charge via a micro-USB port and an on / off switch, and you'll connect it to your PC with Logitech's equally diminutive Nano Unifying Receiver. The Cube will be on sale this January for $69.99, a good bit cheaper than OreObject's flashy Sphere 2. We have to say, we're curious to try one. Find some pictures in the gallery below.

Update: Logitech tells us there's a 1000dpi laser sensor on board.

Update 2: The company's posted a video of the Cube in action, which you can watch below. It seems like it's just a little bit bigger than a large pencil eraser or a AA battery, and it has the left and right physical mouse buttons one in front of the other. Quirky, but cool.