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Polaroid teams up with The Impossible Project, new instant film to come

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Polaroid has teamed up with The Impossible Project to release new instant film for its classic cameras. The first batch will consist of already-produced film, but more will come later.

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Polaroid Classic Impossible Project 600
Polaroid Classic Impossible Project 600

Polaroid and The Impossible Project have announced a new partnership to create a new line of instant film they're calling "Polaroid Classic." The two will work together to develop and produce the film, which will come in waves of six to ten products a year and be fully branded with Polaroid's moniker. Impossible has been making and selling Polaroid-compatible film for some time now (notably in partnership with Urban Outfitters), but it's good to see that Polaroid itself has recognized there's an interest in retro photography that utilizes actual film and came on board to support Impossible.

The first batch of the film will actually pull from Polaroid's final 2008 production run and work with Polaroid Image and Spectra cameras. There is also a droll "DIY Paper Camera Kit," which includes six paper models of Polaroid cameras complete with "faux mini Polaroid photos that develop when rubbed."

If you're looking to live in the past, it's worth keeping an eye on future Impossible Project updates to see what other instant film will be released. If you just can't wait, however, Fuji is still producing instant film that's compatible with a few Polaroid cameras.