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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S430 is the first Windows laptop with Intel's Thunderbolt; Edge E430 and E530 also announced

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Lenovo outs a number of new laptops, including the ThinkPad Edge S430 — the first Windows laptop to have a Thunderbolt port.

Gallery Photo: Lenovo ThinkPad S430 and press photos
Gallery Photo: Lenovo ThinkPad S430 and press photos

Lenovo figured you might just not be content with the new ThinkPad ultrabook or the dual processor / dual operating system ThinkPad Hybrid X1, so how about a smattering of ThinkPad Edge laptops? First up is the ThinkPad Edge S430, which is one of the first Windows laptops we've heard of to have Intel's forthcoming third generation Core processors (or Ivy Bridge) and Intel's Thunderbolt I/O technology. Lenovo's not sharing many other details on the spec front (we expect because Intel hasn't announced these chips quite yet), but it will also be available with Nvidia Optimus graphics and up to 1TB of storage.

However, the S430 seems like much more than a speeds and feeds machine: measuring .8-inches thick, it's only slightly thicker than the ThinkPad ultrabook, but still manages to have an optical drive. And from what we can tell from the pictures, it looks a lot like the IdeaPad U260 (the precursor to the IdeaPad U300s) with a mocha-colored aluminum lid and a similar book hinge design. Even better, Lenovo's listing a "antiglare display" option, though we expect its got a 1366 x 768 resolution panel it does have a 1600 x 900-resolution display. The S430 won't be available until June and will start at $749.

On the thicker, more mainstream end, Lenovo has the new 14-inch E430 and 15-inch E530 laptops, which will also be available with Intel's third generation Core processors as well as AMD Fusion APUs. The cases have also been refreshed with new colors, including black, red, and blue. The E520 and E430 will be available slightly before the S430 in April, and will start at $549.

Oh, you thought we were done? The Lenovo B Series laptops are the budget options of the bunch. As you may expect, Lenovo doesn't have detailed specs on these, especially on the $399 starting configuration, but it will know more closer to April when they hit shelves. We'll be on the look out for all these new laptops at CES next week — especially that S430 — but for now check out this comparison chart of all these new models in our database.