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Soundmatters FoxLO miniature subwoofer adds extra bass to your Jambox

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Soundmatters FoxLO is a palm-sized subwoofer designed to add bass to any speaker system including the FoxL v2 and the Jawbone Jambox.

SoundMatters FoxL V2 and FoxLO group shot
SoundMatters FoxL V2 and FoxLO group shot

Soundmatters FoxLO (pictured on the left, above) is a palm-sized subwoofer designed to add a little more bass punch to its own FoxL speaker, the Jawbone Jambox, or any other portable. The company's calling it a world first and we've certainly not seen anything quite like this before. Despite being a wired-only addition the FoxLO does offer some options in how it's connected. The FoxLO connects to the FoxL's subwoofer output so you can use the FoxL's Bluetooth capabilities, or the sub can be connected directly to your source and pass audio through to any other speaker system.

The sub is driven by a built-in 25W amplifier, with a passive radiator used to beef up the small speaker's low-frequency performance. The company's serious about the size, too, with the unit measuring 2.5 x 4.5 x 6.3 inches and weighing just 23 ounces. There's also a USB port for charging your media player or the speaker system you're partnering it with. Soundmatters has given a Spring 2012 release date along with a list price of $149.99, and will be displaying the unit at CES next week.