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Four Radeon HD 7970s cooled with liquid nitrogen en route to crazy benchmark scores

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Kingpin Cooling forum member Andre has put together a beastly quad-card Crossfire gaming rig with two 1,200W power supplies and liquid nitrogen cooling.


What do you get when you take four of the fastest single-GPU graphics cards on the market, add a little liquid nitrogen, connect them to two 1,200W power supplies, and crank them to 1.6GHz each? The answer is Andre's monstrous "quad seventy-nine seventy" rig, pictured above. The AMD Radeon HD 7970 cards already feature an impressive clock speed of 925 MHz, and while AMD has said they can be pushed safely over 1GHz, overclocking them by almost 75 percent will get you some truly staggering benchmark performance.

The quad-GPU setup scorched 3DMark Vantage with a P (performance) score of over 83,000 and GPU score of over 98,000, and grabbed 3DMark 11 P and X (extreme) scores of 32,728 and 17,432, respectively. If you need some real world context for those numbers, consider that the highly competent Verge Gaming Rig only reached 4,800 (P) and 1,600 (X) on 3DMark 11, but we're holding up pretty well, considering. Hats off to Andre, whose Battlefield 3 gaming experience will surely be unrivaled, though we still wouldn't want to be the ones having to pay his power bill.