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Qualcomm releasing GameCommand in Android Market on January 10th

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Qualcomm's GameCommand aggregator will launch in the Android Market on January 10th, with a big unveiling planned for the first day of CES.

Qualcomm GameCommand
Qualcomm GameCommand

We took a look at GameCommand, Qualcomm's gaming aggregator, when it was announced back in November, and now we have a release date. The app will hit the Android Market on January 10th along with an unveiling and demo at CES 2012. GameCommand's main purpose remains unchanged: the app will highlight Snapdragon-compatible games for Android phones and tablets, including many games built with Qualcomm's GamePack optimizing program. Rather than force consumers to search through the Android Market to find these games, GameCommand will put then all in one place and also offer some exclusives that aren't otherwise available in the Android Market.

Fight Game Heroes, a mixed martial arts fighter, is GameCommand's big launch title — Qualcomm bringing UFC figher Alistar Overreem to CES to battle challengers (in the game, of course). While we're not sure that fragmeneting the Android Market further is a great idea, a single source for users to find high-quality games could make it easier to cut through the dreck and find the best titles, provided Qualcomm keeps GameCommand well-stocked.