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White Galaxy Nexus coming to UK February 6th from Handtec

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UK retailer Handtec has announced that it will begin offering a white Galaxy Nexus on February 6th.

White Galaxy Nexus
White Galaxy Nexus

Samsung has released white versions of a number of its phones in the last few weeks, and the latest recipient is the Galaxy Nexus — UK retailer Handtec will begin offering a white 16GB Galaxy Nexus on February 6th, and is accepting pre-orders now. It's the GSM model of the handset our own Joshua Topolsky called "the best Android phone ever made," and it should be available for the same £496.79 ($770.96) as the black version — after all, aside from the coat of paint it's the same phone. Handtec will also begin offering a 32GB Galaxy Nexus, though it'll only be available in black. It's UK-only for now, but if previous Galaxy Nexus events are any indication, we'll be seeing a white Galaxy Nexus stateside after several false starts and missed release dates.