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    Business card print service has launched a new design inspired by Facebook's Timeline, which will automatically gather your information and create a custom card that mimics your social profile.

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    Nowadays Facebook can share the tale of your entire life by way of its recently-deployed Timeline layout. For many, choosing a cover photo warrants as much internal debate as their actual profile picture. It would only make sense then to integrate Timeline with something else that represents you to the outside world: a business card., which specializes in the printing of such cards, has just implemented a new feature that automatically grabs your profile and cover images and combines them in a business card that mimics the appearance of Timeline.

    Thankfully, the process itself is straightforward. Upon beginning, you'll need to grant Moo access to your data through Facebook Connect, after which an initial preview of what your cards will look like is generated. Buyers then have the opportunity to resize and move the background image, and also verify the personal info that will be listed — employer, hometown, phone number, email address, and Facebook profile URL, of course. The rear of the card prominently displays the text you've chosen for the "Favorite Quotations" field, so we'd advise giving that another glance unless you think those Ke$ha lyrics really nail who you are as a person. is offering 50 free business cards to the first 200,000 customers to take advantage of the new Timeline-inspired design, so if you're a fan of a concept, hit the source link below sooner than later.