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AT&T to complete LTE network by end of 2013

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AT&T now says that it'll be "largely" complete with its LTE network upgrade by the end of 2013.

HTC Vivid
HTC Vivid

As an aside in its announcement of 11 new LTE markets, AT&T mentioned something else interesting: it now expects to have its LTE rollout "largely complete by the end of 2013," a sentiment echoed by company exec John Stankey at a conference today. That's the most specific guidance AT&T has given for when it'll be done with its LTE deployment, which also happens to be the same year that it plans on kicking off an even faster LTE-Advanced network in some markets.

The 2013 timeline matches up with both Verizon's and Sprint's plans for LTE completion — though Sprint's starting with a marked disadvantage, obviously, since it doesn't yet have a single LTE market turned on. Still a big question mark, though, is T-Mobile USA — for the moment, it's neither being purchased nor partnered with for a proper 4G deployment, though the aggressive strategies by the other three nationals are undoubtedly going to put some serious pressure on T-Mobile throughout 2012 to figure out a way to bring LTE into the fold.