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RIM to debut BlackBerry 10 in February, on only one smartphone

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RIM will reportedly show off BlackBerry 10 at Mobile World Congress in February, but will only be debuting the operating system on a single handset, the BlackBerry London.

blackberry london leak
blackberry london leak

RIM's next operating system — once BBX, now BlackBerry 10 — has yet to be released on a smartphone, but there's a small light on the horizon: RIM reps told Pocket-lint that the company will show off the new operating system at Mobile World Congress in February. RIM will apparently be at MWC "in force," showing the new OS as well as touting its current-gen BlackBerry 7, particularly its NFC and BBM capabilities. Unfortunately, it appears there still won't be a device running BlackBerry 10 until later this year.

Not only is there no BlackBerry 10 handset coming soon, but it looks like there's only one handset coming at all. BGR is reporting that RIM has cancelled production on the BlackBerry Colt, as well as the BlackBerry Milan (which may have never been a BlackBerry 10 device anyway), leaving the BlackBerry London as RIM's lone BlackBerry 10 smartphone. We first caught sight of the London in November, with its TI OMAP dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of onboard storage, and front and rear cameras. The London looks good, and RIM focusing on a single device could be a good thing, but we've heard it won't be ready until the third quarter of this year, at which point smartphone specs may already have left it behind.