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'Minicraft' gets an Android port with game saves

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Notch's Minicraft from last year's Ludum Dare has been ported to Android with onscreen controls and the ability to save games. You can get it now for free on the Android Market.

Mobile Minicraft
Mobile Minicraft

When Markus "Notch" Persson made Minicraft, a miniaturized version of world building game Minecraft, in 48 hours at last year's Ludum Dare, we quietly hoped it would be ported to Android. Now available for free on the Android Market from developer Folstad Consulting, Minicraft features overlaid onscreen controls and two important additions: the ability to save your progress and cheat. While cheating merely adds a set of gem-based tools to your inventory, saving is good news for anyone who experienced the frustration of dying and losing several hours of progress on the web version. The mini-Minecraft game isn't exactly perfect yet — the onscreen controls take some getting used to — but you can still kill zombies, gather resources, and craft various tools from wood, rock, iron and other materials to your heart's content.

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