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Tely Labs telyHD webcam runs Android, adds Skype calling to TVs

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Tely Labs announced the telyHD, a video chatting system that runs Android on an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.

Tely Labs telyHD
Tely Labs telyHD

Tely Labs announced the telyHD TV Phone system today, a camera that adds Skype video chatting to your TV. At first blush, the Kinect-looking device isn't exactly a unique concept — plenty of companies are adding video chat to TVs, and many of them are using Skype to do so — but the telyHD's hardware gives it potential to be extra compelling. In addition to its 720p camera, there's an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor inside the device, and it's running a version of Android. That gives it flexibility that most webcams just don't have, and Tely Labs is already partnering with Android developers to try and find new uses for the telyHD. Given some of the remarkable things people have done with the Kinect, we wouldn't be surprised to see the telyHD become a hacker favorite as well.