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Vertu making 'year of the dragon' Signature phone

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Vertu is celebrating the year of the dragon with luxury dragon-themed versions of its Signature series cell phones.

Vertu Dragon Phone
Vertu Dragon Phone

January 23rd marks the beginning of the year of the dragon on the Chinese calendar, and Vertu is celebrating with a luxury dragon-themed mobile phone based on its Signature collection. Each quad-band dragon phone comes in stainless steel with emeralds, black steel with Rubies, or gold with diamonds. A four-clawed dragon mounted on the back is hand-made from a 20-step process that takes 36 hours to complete — the scales alone take more than eight hours to engrave. Before being mounted on the phone, each gold dragon is shipped to Switzerland to receive a hallmark of purity. All this labor and certification doesn't come cheap. The handsets cost about $20,733 ($26,800 in Singapore dollars) each, but buyers get a leather case, a charging base, and one year of Vertu Concierge service free. There are really no specs of particular interest, but that's not really the point.