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US Cellular launching first LTE tablet at the end of March, first smartphone in April

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According to a US Cellular tweet, the company will launch its first LTE tablet at the end of March and its first LTE smartphone in April.

US Cellular Logo
US Cellular Logo

We knew it was coming, but US Cellular just quietly released details on when customers will be able to hop on its LTE network. According to this tweet, an LTE-capable tablet will launch at the end of March, with a smartphone following in April. There's no new word on what states and cities will be covered, so we'll refer to what the company told us in November: Iowa, Wisconsin, Maine, North Carolina, Texas, and Oklahoma should be the first states to have access. Of couse, devices were originally planned to be available in November, but fast speeds come to those who wait. There's also no official word on what US Cellular's first LTE smartphone and tablet will be — we'll just have to sit and wonder.