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Taxi driver in Chicago takes his business into the Web 2.0 era

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Chicago-based cab driver Rashid Temuri harnesses the power of social networking for his business.

Chicago Cabbie
Chicago Cabbie

Chicago-based cab driver Rashid Temuri is savvy enough to know that the world is changing, and he's taken advantage of that knowledge to further his business. Instead of working with a dispatch the way that most taxi drivers do, Temuri -- who goes by Chicago Cabbie online -- starts each day on Twitter and Facebook, letting his customers know that he's out and about, and ready to drive them to their destinations. He also allows his customers to see where he is Harnessing the power of social media in small business is nothing new, but this direct, cut out the middle man approach is so simple it can't help but be more efficient. Temuri still uses a dispatch service in addition to his social networking methods, and thinks that this way is more effective for both drivers and customers, is cheaper and more convenient than services such as Uber (for car services) or Taxi Magic.