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Obscure social network Proust shutting down at the end of January

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Proust, a social network by IAC and Barry Diller, is shutting down at the end of January, 2012.


You may have never heard of Proust (not the French novelist and man responsible for making the Madeliene cookie so popular you can buy one at Starbucks), an obscure social network launched by IAC just last July. Sadly, however, it's shutting down. If you're not familiar with Proust, the social networking site focused on sharing memories in more detailed ways than something like Facebook. Unfortunately, the service failed to take off, and Proust has announced that it's shutting down at the end of January, though it is giving users a chance to export their data... er, their memories, and take them with them as they shuffle out the door. C'est la vie.