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Galaxy Nexus comes to Telus and Rogers on January 13th

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The Galaxy Nexus will come to Canadian carriers Telus and Rogers on January 13th, according to Twitter posts from both Telus and Samsung.

Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy Nexus

Already for sale on rival Canadian carriers Bell and Virgin Mobile, the Galaxy Nexus will become available to Telus customers beginning January 13th. This according to a post on the company's Twitter page earlier today, which unfortunately lacked anything in the way of pricing details. The competition launched Google's flagship Ice Cream Sandwich handset for around CA$160 (~$157 USD) on a three-year contract, a figure we would hope Telus plans to match if not undercut. According to Samsung, Rogers will also be receiving the Nexus on the same day, making good on an earlier pledge to bring the Android 4.0 device to its subscribers this month. Come January 13th, it'll be a perfect three-for-three among Canada's national carriers — a little better than the US can claim at this point.

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