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Lexar introduces 1000x CF cards with 150MB/s read speeds

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Lexar announced the 1000x series of CompactFlash cards, which are capable of 150MB/second read speeds.

Lexar 1000x
Lexar 1000x

CompactFlash cards' extreme speeds have long made them the favored choice of professional video shooters, and the new cards Lexar announced today are faster than ever. The company is making the first-ever 1000x CF cards, which are capable of read speeds of 150 MB / sec and write speeds up to 145 MB / sec, both more than enough to keep up with the pros. Such speed doesn't come cheap: the cards run from $169.99 for 16GB of storage, all the way up to $899.99 for 128GB, which put them firmly (and probably exclusively) in the professional video and photography realm. The new cards come after the CompactFlash Association announced the new XQD format, which is smaller than CF cards but still offers fantastic read and write speeds — CompactFlash is still the storage mode of choice on a huge number of devices, though. The 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB 1000x cards will be available in February, and the monster 128GB card will be out in April.