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Vuzix using Nokia IP to build 'Smart Glasses' with transparent displays

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Vuzix says it's developed a transparent display that can be integrated into a conventional pair of eyeglasses, and will commercialize the tech by summer 2012.

Vuzix smart glasses render 640
Vuzix smart glasses render 640

It's the dream of many a technology-wielding science fiction fan: glasses that let you see your computer, while still going about your daily business unhindered. Transparent display technology is finally making it possible. Epson's got a pair, Sony was working on a pair, and we hear Google's sticking a finger in the pie. Now, Vuzix, a firm that actually produces video eyewear on a regular basis, is building some transparent glasses, too. Following an intellectual property licensing agreement with Nokia, the company claims it's developed "a 1.4 mm thick plastic waveguide lens with input and output hologram structures on the surface which squeezes the light down the waveguide and then two dimensionally expands the image back into the user's eye, creating an image that is then mixed into the real world," and says it'll be building the technology into glasses for commercial and industrial use by summer of this year. The company's promising a demo at CES this year, and you can bet we'll be there.