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iPhone 4S owners use twice as much data as those on iPhone 4

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Research from Arieso has revealed that iPhone owners consume double the amount of mobile data as people still on the iPhone 4. The increase could be attributed to the extra data required by Siri, or early adopters tending to use more data in general.

iphone 4s
iphone 4s

iPhone 4S owners go through double the amount of mobile data as people on the iPhone 4, according to network firm Arieso. The obvious place to point the finger is Siri, as Bloomberg has done, with the voice recognition software being the biggest differentiator of the newer device. It was previously reported, however, that Siri didn't eat up all that much data, so we're not so sure. Arieso's research reveals that a tiny one percent of all users are responsible for half of all downloaded data, and we'd expect those people to also be among the earliest adopters of new hardware. Whatever the cause, it seems inevitable that carriers will continue to seek ways to cut down on burgeoning data consumption.

Other revelations from Arieso include the discovery that HTC Desire S owners proportionally upload the most data, whereas Samsung Galaxy S users come closest to reaching the iPhone 4S's download volume. It also turns out that 3G modems are responsible for over 10 times as much data volume as smartphones like the Galaxy S, which goes some way to explaining the reluctance of carriers to allow free tethering.