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Tesla Model X electric SUV to be revealed on February 9th

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Elon Musk told Gigaom in an interview that the Tesla Model X electric SUV would be revealed at an event on February 9th.

Tesla Logo
Tesla Logo

Building the next generation of VTVL space rockets may seem like a full time job, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk isn't neglecting his ground transportation company. In an interview with GigaOm, he said the company's Model X electric SUV will be revealed at an event on February 9th, and he expects it to be "very well-received." In addition, the company has partnered with Toyota to make the battery pack, inverter, charger, motor, powertrain, and all the software for a fully electric RAV4 that will likely be released sometime this year. Musk says Toyota's plug-in is going to be the "best mass-market electric vehicle out there," so he seems confident in his own company's handiwork. Although the Tesla Roadster was fairly expensive at $109,000, Musk says the model S sedan ($57,400) is less than half the cost per kilowatt hour than the company's debut car and batteries will continue to improve, so future vehicles like the Model X should be more affordable.