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Trendnet revealing new 802.11ac equipment at CES

Trendnet revealing new 802.11ac equipment at CES


At CES, Trendnet will be unveiling a new line of devices that support 802.11ac, a new and faster Wi-Fi standard. The products include a router and bridge, which will provide speeds double those available with current-generation 802.11n devices.

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The new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard is expected to make a strong showing at CES. Now, Trendnet has announced that it will be showcasing its own set of products using the technology, including a 1300Mbps wireless router, the TEW-811DR, and a 1300Mbps bridge, the TEW-800MB. Those speeds are over twice as fast as those on the current 802.11n standard, which tops out at 450Mbps, although both devices will still support that standard as well. Later products on the new standard could theoretically reach speeds of 6.8Gbps.

Trendnet won't be the only company with 802.11ac gear at the convention — Buffalo has already announced its line of products, and Broadcom will be partnering with Motorola, Netgear, and others to demonstrate its new 802.11ac chips. Like the Buffalo devices, the Trendnet router and bridge are expected to ship in the second half of 2012; they're estimated to cost around $200 each.

Trendnet 802.11ac devices