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London to get Europe's largest free Wi-Fi zone this year

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O2 is turning two boroughs of London into the largest free wi-fi zone in Europe, just in time for the Summer Olympic Games. The carrier will begin installations this month.


Certain central areas of London are to make up Europe's largest free Wi-Fi zone this year, with the rollout due for completion before this summer's Olympic Games. British carrier O2 is working with the councils of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster to provide the service, and will begin installation on street furniture this month. London currently has numerous premium access points operated by O2, BT Openzone, and The Cloud among others, but it still lags behind cities such as Paris and New York in terms of free access. It's too early to know how good the service will be, but this does look like the largest push to catch up yet — even if it is only coming to two boroughs. At the least, it should be easier to get a connection than a table at your local Starbucks.