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Dolphin Browser 3.0 update brings refined UI, stability improvements to iOS app

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Dolphin Browser for iOS has been updated with UI enhancements and stability improvements.

Dolphin Browser 3.0 update
Dolphin Browser 3.0 update

iOS users have numerous alternatives to Safari available in the App Store, and MoboTap Inc.'s Dolphin Browser continues to be one of the nicer ones we've come across. The company has released version 3.0 of the app, and the update brings a number of improvements both in terms of user interface and under-the-hood reliability. What sets Dolphin Browser apart from competitors is its unique gesture feature, which allows users to draw on the screen to quickly access bookmarks. MoboTap has put some work in here, retooling the gesture area with a graph paper-inspired look that continues to prove popular with iOS developers. Focus has also been placed on the app's "Webzine" function, which aggregates popular feeds and displays them in a stylized, ad-free layout not unlike Flipboard.

Apart from user-facing improvements, the update also claims to improve browsing performance and stability. Unfortunately, we still experienced some crashes in our initial time using the new version — though that may have had more to do with memory contraints on the first-generation iPad we used for testing. If gesture-based browsing is your game, Dolphin Browser 3.0 is free and can be had in the iTunes App Store now.